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Sexy Red takes Maternity pictures

Aww Sexy Red released a few pictures from her maternity photo shoot. She looked beautiful. She did release pictures with her child father but blurred out his face. Lol She ain’t trying let us know who the baby daddy is lol. She’ll be dropping soon and fans want to know if it’s a boy or girl.

Sexy Red has been working her whole pregnancy still doing shows and releasing new music. Pregnancy hasn’t stopped this super mom! She’ll probably take a break after the baby is born. Sexy Red is determined and doesn’t care what people think of her. In a recent interview she told them “she raps about her life and girls like her” she stated it’s not her fault some people only hear the “pussy popping” in her music. She says that’s that the only thing is talks about in her music.

Congratulations on your new blessing! Sending love and prayers for a healthy baby and safe delivery. May the recovery process be relaxing. Bringing life into the world is a wonderful yet hard experience on women mentally, physically and emotionally. Prayers Sexy…

Check out more pictures below.
photo credit to @amariswiththefilm on Instagram

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