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Sexy Red was posted up with Drake!

What they gone say now! Sexy Red was posted up with Drake and the two was REAL close. Now I don’t like to start rumors so I won’t confirm or deny they have something going on. For now let’s just say Drake is showing his love and support to a fellow artist. Sexy Red has had mixed reviews from fans about her “ratchet” behavior but if Drake co signed…. What the fuck they gone say now??? Yo favorite rapper like her. Lol

Sexy Red already got the stamp from Nicki Minaj after she hopped on Pound Town 3. Now Drake is posted up with her ummm y’all think they’re going to create a new hit single? Y’all think he gone come old turned up Drake or in his feelings Drake for their collaboration? Again I don’t start rumors but if they do a song together “I said it first”!

Some people on the internet has been giving Sexy Red backlash for how she acts, dresses and raps! People always have something negative to say. One thing for sure people are going to talk no matter if you’re doing good or bad. And as we see like it or not Sexy Red is making noise in the industry. The internet folks were upset after she was booked at a high school!

According to reports she was there doing a give back which was a thoughtful gesture. Sexy is open about her life struggles so now that she’s financially able she wanted to give back, unfortunately sis walked out holding up her middle fingers. The kids went wild though. Sexy Red did make a joke out of the situation and posted the screenshot with the caption “ Me walkin into school on the first day back”

Congratulations on the success! Hopefully we get a Drake and Sexy Red feature but for now stream her new album! The Hoods Hottest Princess on all platforms.

Drake reposted and called sexy red his “future wife”.

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