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Speaker Leakers Networking Event

Speaker Leakers Networking event last night went great! Tons of talented people in one place. The event was put together wry nicely.

Anyone who’s in the media industry was invited. Vendors, artists, radio personality’s, djs, photographers and more! Everyone had a great time and made some new connections.

The event was hosted by Tre Kul. Great music by dj Lay lo and guest djs. The event was sponsored by Maker’s Mark. The drinks were great! The bartenders was very friendly and made sure everyone had a drink in hand. Lol

Live performance by talented artists. Great music played by the djs. Last night was a real vibe! This event was a great opportunity to mingle with like minded people in the industry. Akron has so many talented people it’s time for us to come together and take over!

Speaker Leakers put a wonderful event together. This opportunity helped many artists showcase there talented. They’re music also will be played on the radio! Check out more pictures from the event below and come to the next one! The mixer will be held monthly.

Thank you to everyone who helped this event be a success! Thank you to everyone who came out! Your work does not go unnoticed! I pray all your dreams and goals become your reality. Make sure you follow Speaker Leakers on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss the next event!

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ps more pictures coming! These are just the ones I took.

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