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Sports illustrated LeBron and Sons grace the cover

Sports illustrated feature LeBron James and his two sons Bronny and Bryce. The cover photo is legendary because he wore a shirt with his first Sports illustrated cover photo on it! Lebron is a wonderful basketball player, some would say the BEST basketball player but more importantly he’s a father.

Being fromAkron he’s such an inspiration. He does so much for our city. we appreciate you! Lebron landed a $90 million dollar deal with Nike. Both his sons are great basketball stars and scholars. I mean they did learn from the best!

In the new issue LeBron speaks on staying in the NBA long enough to play alone side his oldest son Bronny! He’s currently a senior in high school. So that dream could be a reality soon. I guess its safe to assume he won’t be going to college but drafted to the NBA when the time comes.

The issue will also talk about how he navigated through a tough life in the streets of Akron Ohio. How he went from being poor to a Billionaire and taking his family and friends with him to the top. LeBron hired most of his hometown friends during his come up and put them in a position to win. LeBron character speaks for itself. Hes a real home town hero.

Many know LeBron developed a school in Akron, Ohio called Ipromise. He provides scholarships to thousands of kids in his Academic program. As well as bike give a ways for his community. Each summer he provides a Cedar point trip for the children of his program in their family. He provides tickets to both the water and amusement park, pfood and transportation to the park. LeBron is blessing! He’s currently working to develop a Community center with doctors, dentist and community resources. He’s magnificent to say the least! LeBron is a blessing to everyone and I believe thats why God will always bless him.

Make sure you get the next issue of Sports illustrated and check out more pictures below. Thank you LeBron, we love you!

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