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Staying focused

When you’re trying to reach your goals the devil will send people and things to distract you! Understanding that will help you STAY focused. When we try to better ourselves we are often tested. People we thought would never leave us do something hurtful. 

We lose people, things or jobs to throw us off from what we’re going after. Don’t allow anything to stop you from getting to where you want to be! Remain loyal to your self. Remind yourself what you doing it for. 

Remember people come into your life for a reason! It’s okay to let seasonal people go. They came to teach you a lesson or for you to learn from them. 

 Don’t dwell on them or the situation. Learn to do self healing. Mediation is great way to reach your higher self. Stay focused and cut off anything or anyone who stops you from reaching your goals! Much love DeAnna Kay 

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