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Substitute teacher and student get into an altercation!

A substitute teacher and student got into a physical altercation over the students cell phone. A video going viral via Facebook, shows the student and teach talking about taking her phone. This took place in Rockymount High School. The student wanted the teacher to return her cell phone and when the teacher refused you see things turn physical. I do want to advise I DO NOT OWN the RIGHTS to this video. or our affiliates does NOT support bullying, fighting, discrimination etc. Please viewers discretion is advised as this may be difficult to watch. Press play at your own will. Thank you.

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As you can see in the video the teacher warns the student multiple times not to touch her. The students proceeds to swing at the teachers face. After that the fight escalated and ended with the teacher sitting on top of the student while pinning her down. How do you feel about the situation? The situation is now being investigated by school officials.

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