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Suki accepts YK Osiris Apology

Sukihana and YK Osiris have been trending all week after a video surfaced of him forcefully kissing Suki. Some even went on to say he sexually assaulted her. In the video you see the two talking when Osiris leans in for a kiss as Suki pushes him away to decline. He then grab her by the neck and kissed her. Leaving her very uncomfortable, embarrassed and upset.

Suki deactivated her Twitter after she posted “she’s scared to stand up for herself”. The internet had multiple different views on the video. He later apologized admitting he was wrong and violated Suki’s boundaries. Everyone had their input while Suki remained silent. She recently let the world know he accepts his apology. They spoke privately about the situation. And he publicly apologized. See apology below.

Suki made an official statement to her Instagram page saying she’s a pro black woman and she would not tear him down for his mistake. She feels God has forgiven her so she offered the same grace to YK Osiris. Read her official statement below.

What’s your thoughts on the incident?

Suki handled the situation with grace. Instead of getting him canceled. She offered to teach him instead of belittling him. She’s absolutely NOT defending his actions but bringing awareness to the situation. Women deserve respect.

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