You are currently viewing Suki out in London making moves

Suki out in London making moves

Sukihanna was recently out in London, France! She looks amazing. She been enjoying the town and doing interviews. She recently went viral for saying she wanted to “eat some ass” in front of white tourists. Lol Since than she has deactivated her Instagram page.

What do you think? Should Suki switch up the “ghetto act”? Suki’s beautiful and talented. She can be very informative on a lot of topics. And in certain situations she carries herself like a lady. Some fans have expressed they don’t understand why she’s “embarrassing” herself with this behavior. Claiming his is part of the reason why black women are so stereotyped to be “loud and ghetto”. What do you think?

She looks good! Check out the video below and peep the looks on their face! OMG

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