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Summer Walker want all the smoke!

Updated 5:46pm London response as well as young Thug. London seems very unbothered by the album

Summers album has been released and she want ALL the smoke! With London (her baby daddy) his momma and his bitter ass baby mommas! Her first single on the album is called Bitter and it’s dedicated to London on the tracks baby momma.

In the song she talks the bitterness she dealt with while dating London. How she tried being cool with his other children’s mother’s yet it didn’t work! And one of them clapped back…. Well kind of. Eboni claims she likes the song but insisted Carbi B minds her business!

This is all from her story. She’s mad at Cardi for giving advice to her friend yet not mad at Summer for making the diss track. (Weird) Plus she was putting their business out there. We wouldn’t have never knew of their “beef” if they wasn’t being airing it out. And once it hits the internet it’s far game.

Mean while Summer is enjoying the show. Fans have basically told London to delete his Instagram because their going to be trolling him from here on out! Check out these screenshots from shade room y’all know they don’t miss a beat!

Summer did reply but she not sparing anybody! She even called out his momma on a track! (4th baby momma) Saying “Let’s start with yo momma, she should have beat yo ass”.

And honestly the old me understands where she’s coming from. A place of hurt! Nobody wants to endure pregnancy alone especially when you and the father was together before the pregnancy. It really has a way of turning you into a cold hearted bitch! You can allow the hurt to make you bitter or stronger. Summer left all that hurt on the track! She let go and is now in a new relationship. She seems really happy!

The pain created some beautiful music. My advice tho lady’s let that hurt go. You can’t make a man or his family step up. Just be a great mom! In due time the child will get older and see through the bullshit from both parents. Because some of these moms ain’t innocent either! Heal yourself and become a better version of you! And never go back to who “broke” you!

What’s your thoughts? Y’all feeling the album? Listen below

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