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Suspect arrested in the shooting of a 7 year old boy in Akron

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Prayers to Tyren Thompson the 7 year old boy that was shoot in his chest Sunday at a Pee wee football game. According to reports shoots rang out at a childrens football game Sunday around 4pm. Thompson only 7 years old was shot in the chest! A 19 year old was also hit in the leg.

According to a report:

Police responded to a shooting on the 600 block of Vernon Odom Boulevard around 4 p.m., where a 7-year-old and a 19-year-old were shot, authorities said. 

The 7-year-old was transported to a hospital and underwent surgery. He is in serious but stable condition and will require additional surgeries for his injuries, police said.”

Updates via Facebook from his mother asking the community to pray for a safe recovery. Tyren had to undergo three surgeries but has pulled through! Thank you God! The community has been coming together to pray for Tyren. The pee wee football league has also canceled all Sunday football games. It’s so sad that children aren’t safe while at a community park playing sports. Smh this senseless violence had to stop! Praying for Tyren and his family.

According to a report from 93.1 WZAK

“Akron police announced Wednesday night they have made an arrest as well as recovered the gun involved with the shooting that injured a 7-year-old Tyren Thompson, Jr., and a 19-year-old man over the weekend following a youth football game. The suspect, whose name has not been released, has been charged with felonious assault and tampering with evidence. Additionally, a 37-year-old woman who was also in the home faces an unrelated charge of having weapons under disability after a second gun was found in her room.

Tyren deserve Justice! These young kids with guns have no care who they hit and he needs to sit down and think about his actions. Our youth is so lost, ending their lives of NOTHING! Not having a care of innocent children or people are hurt. Smh

Not all hero’s wear capes some coach! While scrolling on Facebook I learned that one of the coach’s quick actions help save Tyren’s life! Check out this Facebook post below giving Coach Jerry Williams II Recognition for picking Tyren up and running him to get help, while another coach ran beside him holding Tyrens gun shoot wound! Amazing! Thank you to everyone who helped Tyren that day! Thank you to all the people who try to keep out children safe. Sending love, healing and prayers to everyone that was there during this traumatic unfortunate situation.

A GoFund me was started to help with expenses click the link below to donate. Sending healing prayers and love to Tyren and his family. I pray for a healthy and speedy recovery.

Click the link to support Tyren please anything helps.

Let’s keeping praying for his recovery and strength. Tyren is only 7 and deserves to live a full life. I’m praying for Akron as a whole. This violence has to stop!!!!!

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