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Swim Suit Show Recap

Last week was swim suit week. A full swim suit runway show with the hottest Bikini models is some of your favorite celebrities! The fashion show had multiple do swimsuit brands including Matt Collection and Pretty Little things!

I love how they show cased ALL body types! Natural body’s, doctor made bodies, slim body’s, no one was left out. Allowing all women to feel confident no matter what their body type. They took away Society’s beauty standards and created their own! And I love that for us lady’s. In a world were women are expected to look perfect, this runway show allowed women to just be themselves unapologetically! (snap snap)

Not only are the swim suits cute the models are Beautiful! Check out more looks below and tell me your favorite! Pretty Veee was represent for the slim fit natural bodies! lil booties matter! period

Angela Simmons broke the Internet with her natural thick thighs! She looks amazing!

Fans favorite JT from the City Girls killed the run way! Ari was also featured in the show. All the models looked great!

Check out more looks below! Great job making all women feel sexy and welcomed! Which swimsuit is your favorite?

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