You are currently viewing Teyana Taylor‘s pregnancy glow!

Teyana Taylor‘s pregnancy glow!

Teyana Taylor is almost due! She’s pregnant with her second daughter. Teyana already has a beautiful daughter named Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. aka “Junie”, with hubby Iman Shepard.

She recently did an interview talking about her new album. She also touched base on how she manages being a wife, mother and artist. She’s an amazing woman.

Did you know Teyana delivered daughter Junie at home on her bathroom floor with her husband there helping! She describe her experience on one of her songs off her new album.

Teyana is an amazing artist who has wrote for many different artists! Taking her talents now and blessing us with an album that speaks on black love and black family. How she’s breaking the narrative of the black family. Reminding people how strong black marriage is! Even in a society that wants you to believe black marriages don’t exist.

I wish them a safe and healthy delivery! Expanding their beautiful family. Check out Teyana new album and be ready to fall in love with music with a passion. This album is full of soul you can tell she wrote it from her heart!

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