You are currently viewing The Ohio Entertainment Awards are back! And it’s time to vote

The Ohio Entertainment Awards are back! And it’s time to vote

The Ohio Entertainment Awards are back! It’s time to vote for your favorite people. Congratulations to all the honorees! Congratulations to everyone who was nominated as well. Your hard work hasn’t went unnoticed. The award show is presented by Andrew Loyd and Dre Day. This is the 11th year for the award show! Congratulations gentleman on your success of the award show!

These two have created multiple opportunities for artists to show case their talents. On top of having show cases throughout the year they have also signed three artist for artists development deals! Their bridging the cap between city’s in Ohio and creating a positive competitive environment for artist. Much success and blessings to you both! Your impact on the Hip Hop Culture is appreciated. I love to see it!

Many people will receive awards, including myself for my Devotion to the entertainment industry. Thank you! It’s not always easy being a women in a male dominated industry. I faced many obstacles and hardships but I never gave up! Dre Day and Andrew has given me many opportunities over the years. Even in the beginning of my career when I was still learning. I appreciate you both for sticking with me through my growth. Thank you for seeing my potential. Always remember “People who want to see you win help you win” DeAnna Kay

You can vote for your favorites by clicking the link below! Please read each category and select your favorites. You can vote multiple times for different people! It’s okay to support more than one person. November 12, 2023 come out and support everyone. The red carpet stars at 3pm!

click the link above to vote! Check out some more people being honored at the awards show! Congratulations everyone and much success!

Make sure you vote for my Speaker Leakers team for best Podcast as well!

Click the link below for tickets;

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