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The Real Story of Emmett Till: Women of The Movement

Women of The Movement has aired. The heart breaking story of Emmett Till. Women Of the Movement shares the fight his mother endured so his name wouldn’t die in vein. The story starts off with Mamie giving birth to Emmett. The doctors telling her he will never walk ! He even had the nerve to tell her to put him into an institution.

By Gods Grace Emmett learned to walk and his mother kept him! She was very patient with him. Teaching him breathing techniques to claim himself so he could get his words out. Mamie loved Emmett with all her heart and protected him even harder.

I don’t want to give away the series so I won’t say much. I will say this was a very graphic movie. You’ll be very triggered especially if you have a son. Your emotions will have ups and downs, being angry then sad. It was hard to watch but I’ve always been interested in his story so I had to watch.

Emmett died because of a stupid bet! He physically didn’t touch the women but talking to whites back then was consider disrespectful. Theses heartless man came and grab a 14 year old from his bed and beat him! His face was beating up so bad she couldn’t even recognize her baby.

Thank you to the Emmett Till’s family for sharing his story! The strength of his mother is remarkable. If she didn’t fight for him, they would have swept his murder under the rug! May they both Rest In Peace. Even though it’s hard to watch I’ll keep watching!

It’s crazy how school made it seem like segregation and slavery was so long ago. When in fact some of our grandparents and great grandparents lived through this! I have a new level of respect for people living during those times! Watching the movie triggered me. So I can only Imagine how blacks felt then!

Women Of The Movement comes on ABC Thursday nights at 8pm. You can catch up on Hulu now. Two episodes have aired so far. Remember this movie will trigger you! They even have therapy available for people who watch! The information for therapy is in the beginning credits of series. Again thank you to Ms. Mamie for being so brave! Speaking out and fighting for her son! Her strength is the reason Emmetts name will NEVER die in vein!

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