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The “Underdog” always wins! Congratulations Chanel

Congratulations Chanel.She’s the winner of Joselines cabaret and $10,000! The last episode was this past Sunday and it was spicy. We all saw Yummy go out with a bang! Not only did she attack Mz.Natural with a high heel shoe! But she attacked Chanel as well.

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There’s been drama and fighting since day one! And this time was no different. After they removed the crazy Aly cat hyena Yummy the show went on! Chanel Mz. Natural, Lucky and Lexi Blow were the final four! The lady’s did amazing! Congratulations final four! But only one girl could win!

Congratulations to Chanel. She won the show and took home 10 bands! Period sis! Now I’m happy for her but I do think Joselines speech was a little rude. She was kinda down talking her when it should have been a happy moment.

But I asked Chanel and she said she doesn’t have hard feelings about the speech. Now I tired to find it for y’all but nobody posted that part lol.

I didn’t think she would reply back but she did! Follow me on Instagram. (Deanna_kay1) I’m happy for her and I have been watching all season so I’m excited to see what’s next! I believe I followed all the lady’s from season two so I’ll be trolling!

Now that we know who won! There’s been a lot of shade being thrown via Instagram. Yes I troll but in a good way! I have to give fans all the tea. So I see there’s beef between Bosstech and Big Lex! Check out these screenshots from Bosstech.

According to Bosstech Big Lex can’t be a bad bitch because she don’t take care of her daughter! Big Lex even blocked Bosstech. Now this is all Allegedly of course! But from the clips from the reunion it’s about to get messy! August 1st is part one of the reunion. Y’all know I’m watching!

Honey this show been hot since the first episode! Bitchs been getting beat up and dropped lol. I’ll keep y’all updated!
Congratulations to Chanel and all the lady’s from the show! May your blessings increase. The show was great I was very entertained. Y’all brought the sexy, the pole tricks, I love the ass shaking and the drama. Xoxo

Photo credit from the lady’s of the show’s Instagram , Joselines Instagram and Zeus Instagram page

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