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They knew who I was when y’all invited me!

Child Sukihana gone be unapologetically herself everywhere she go. Last night she was at the VMAs awards cutting up on the carpet. She was being herself twerking having a good time. She posted the caption “They Knew who I was when y’all invited me”. It’s safe to say she’s not sorry!

She faced some backlash from fans and other celebrities. Onsite posted the video from Suki’s page and Deelishis (Flavor of love show) had something to say. Suki didn’t hold back and her clap back was unmatched! Check it out below.

Suki did look beautiful at the award show. She wore a sexy black dress that wasn’t to revealing just enough boob action. A nice long split showing some leg. And it for her shape. I loved her heels! Y’all know I love the bling on anything. She can be a lady when she wants to.

Many people feel she shouldn’t have acted like that but Suki says she always going to be herself. It seem like people love but dislike her. Not only that people always say her music and actions are embarrassing to black women but this is the music the people hype up. The media loves ratchet shit. As much as people hate to admit it. She’s doing numbers because people are streaming and supporting her. Let’s be honest all over social media you see men and women hyping up “baddies” girls who don’t take shit and talk their shit and get money out of men.

So is Suki the problem or the music industry? Is the music industry only supporting ratchet, ghetto behavior from black women? Do black women in the industry feel this is the only way to be successful? We gone talk about soon for now check out more pictures of Suki at the VMAs.

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