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Trouble in paradise

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Love After Lock Up We Tv show star Derick and Monique are at it again on social media. This time Monique is accusing Derick of domestic violence. I’m an Instagram post Monique writes how’s she done with Derick! Claiming to have been “protecting” him while he never protected or loved her back.

She accused her Ex Partner and Co-Star of “beating the fuck out of her plenty of times”. Breaking her phone and bending her fingers back. Monique says she has video and pictures of the abuse. After sharing that post she posted text messages of the conversation between her and Derick. As well as messages of her arguing with his manager.

Prayers to Monique nobody deserves to be abused. Hopefully she gets the property help she needs. The two were the shows favorite couple. Dericks is from Cleveland, Ohio and Monique is from Chicago, Illinois. Fans loved their relationship dynamic. The couple even started getting booked for appearances, interviews and hosting events.

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