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Two Officers in critical condition after being shot

In Los Angeles California two officers one male, one female was shot in an ambush last week. Two officers are fighting for their lives after a unidentified suspect ran up on their patrol car & shot them close range. According to multiple reports one officers was shot in the head. No new information on their condition.

thank you to ABC news for the surveillance footage from the shooting. Prayers to both officers. I do want to ask everyone a question… if two officers being shot irritates you why doesn’t unarmed black Americans being shot don’t? I’m not justifying the shooting but I do believe this is only the beginning.

People are going to start killing officers no matter if their “good cops” due to them being tired of Black Americans being killed for no reason. The way people feel about these cops being shot is how Americans feel about unarmed Black citizens being killed.

No it’s not right but it wasn’t right when multiple Black people lost their life’s either! Imagine waking up everyday and seeing officers being shot for no reason, welp that’s how Blacks feel waking up everyday seeing our people murder in the streets for little to NOTHING! Everyday we wake up you see another black person killed by officers. Prayers for our country, things are about to get worse before they get better!

Video credit: ABC news

photo collage: unknown

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