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Vote YES on Issue 10!

Issue 10 was created to improve police and community relations. Today is Election Day and I need everyone to get to the polls! Voting on your local election will impact your day to day lives. There any issues on the ballot but an important one is Issue 10! Polls are open until 7:30pm EST

Issues 10 will do the following in an effort to improve our community’s! The purpose of issue 10 is:

*To create a 9 member permanent council to oversight the police. Especially after the murder of Jayland Walker. Let’s not forget all eight officers are back at work!

*Hire an outside police auditor to ensure that the police are doing their job properly. As well has following their code of conduct, policies and procedures.

*Issues 10 will also implement training for police to improve our community.

Issues 10 was created after the murder of Jayland Walker in Akron, Ohio. He’s unfortunate death has open the eyes to the community. It made people realize police are not doing your job properly. They’re shooting before trying to de-escalate the situation and moving off emotions instead of logic.

Many officers that police our community do not live in our community yet they constantly are being sent to our neighborhoods. Issue 10 board members will be people from our neighborhoods helping improve the relationship between police and the community. The goal is to teach police how to handle a situation without deadly force. Vote yes on issue 10

Many people marched all summer long just to get this issue passed and for the our voices to be heard. Please don’t let them down! Vote Yes on issue 10

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