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Week of Action:Freedom Blocc

This week a Community activist group known as The Freedom Blocc had a Week of Action. Starting Monday thur Sunday they had multiple events in the community to educate, and get active. They mixed activities people are already interested in and added educational training, and group meetings. They also went out into the community to get active! They educated people on fair housing, voting and much more!

Sunday was the walk for Jayland Walker. The young man from akron who was shot over 90 times and hit at least 60 times and passed away. Akron made News Headlines worldwide. The Freedom Blocc is still working for justice for Jayland Walker on a political level. Working to educate the community on voting, resident rights and how our local government affects our daily lives.

Here’s some facts I learned while out marching.

**This information came from The Freedom Blocc**

•60 Officers have quit since the death of Jayland Walker

•The Deputy Mayor of Public Safety is resgining

•The Mayor will not be ruing again so his seat will be OPEN

•The City Council Ward 9,8 and possible 5 have giving up their seats and they will be open

•Theres about 4 Council seats to fill

•They received 6,000 signature’s in 2 weeks to get a Civilian Review Board on the ballot.

•They received 58,000 signatures from local and national Citizens saying they want more police accountability!

Amazing right! The Freedom Blocc Organizations have been working very hard to implement change in our community. The fight is far from over! The Freedom Blocc is still fighting for justice. We appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for having me.

Sunday we walked the streets of Merriman Valley. We Stop traffic. The walk was well organized. Cars followed along side of us and behind us to keep the people safe. That was a plus for me because there were children there, including my own. People of all races came to support. Some people in the neighborhood stepped outside to support and joined the walk.

The goal is to implement change our community. We cant win a racist System. Our laws need to change. We need to be protected and not fear calling the police. 400 Years and nothing had changed. We the people are ready for a change! Thank you to everyone who came to support from the kids to our elders. We appreciate you and thank you for having me!

Check out more pictures below and follow The Freedom Blocc and find our how you can get active in our community.

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