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Who is Joe Biden?

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Joe Biden has served four decades as senate. Joe is 77 years old and if he wins the presidential election, he will be the oldest president in history. Joe Biden also served under the Obama administration. Biden was in support of “Medicare For All” because in 1972 he lost his first wife and infant daughter in a car accident. Then in 2015 his son died of brain cancer. That’s why healthcare is so important and personal to him.

Joe Biden’s Agenda for the presidential election includes.
•Building better jobs and recovery of the economy for working families.

•Racial Equity in America

•Building back a better 21st century caregiving and education workforce

•Reopening schools safely

•Support small business and have a plan for essential workers

Joe Biden recently announced Kamala Harris will be his Vice President. Kamala Harris started off as a lawyer. She sat as a prosecutor. She has years of experience as a politician. She served as a senator and mayor of California since 2017. Her conviction rate went from 52% to 67% while serving as a prosecutor.

Many different news reporters believes that this will help Biden secure the African America voters. Although she is black and Indian. Some dislike her due to the high incarceration rate of African Americans.

I suggest everyone watch the election debates and decide which candidate fits in with their personal views before voting. We can’t always go off of what the media says, we must research each candidate and educate ourselves before voting! 2020 will be a very interesting election!
For more information on Biden check out his campaign website

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and for more information on Kamala Harris check out

And make sure you’re Register to vote register to voteand get to the Polls this November!
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