You are currently viewing Will Smiths new book coming soon

Will Smiths new book coming soon

Will Smith will be releasing a new book soon! You can preorder now and order tickets to his tour. Do you think Mr. Smith will air some personal business from his marriage? “It takes Will” by Will Smith

Besides his GQ article Will has been very silent about his marriage issues. Jada however has been very outspoken about their relationship. The Red Table is an open discussion where Jada talks about serious issues. Lately though she’s been incorporating her personal marriage problems.

Jada has brought up their sex life, as far as trying to keep the love alive. Wanting more sex as she got older and Will “not being able to keep up”. Learning to relove each other, which is understandable after 20 years of marriage.

In a recent interview Will said he will speak on his first marriage. Falling in love with a co star. His personal life, being a father and more! Will you be purchasing his book?

You can preorder his book through his link on his Instagram.

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