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Would you Turn your family member into Stones?

Would you turn your loved one who passed away into stones? Well theres a new unique way to reserve loved ones who have been cremated. I was trolling looking for daily news and came across this report from Hudson, Ohio

HUDSON, Ohio – “A technology developed by a Hudson native is changing the way people keep their loved one’s ashes and is available at funeral homes in Greater Cleveland.

Parting Stone takes the ashes created by cremation and turns them into 60 to 80 polished stones. Founder Justin Crowe said the stones, which look a lot like smooth, white rocks you’d skip across a river, are a more beautiful and more comfortable to hold than an urn full of ashes.

The company was started in 2019 and is now about 350 funeral homes in the U.S. and Canada. Parting Stone has worked with 3,000 families in the past two years, Crowe said.

Crowe said the idea came when one of his grandfathers died in 2014.

When he spoke to friends, he realized a lot of them were holding onto urns or ashes and kept them in closets, basements and garages. Ashes, he said, are messy and hard to keep while staying emotionally attached to it.

“That’s something we hear about a lot in ashes being passed down from generation to generation,” Crowe said. “The meaning is lost because eventually they don’t know the person.”

What do you think? Would you turn your loved one into stone? The Stone could lay on a alter or you could add them to your garden. To read the full story click the link.

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