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You Bitchs Are Not City Girls

Its the mf City Girls, taking yo man, looking fabulous and getting to a bag! City girls have a message for the haters “you bitchs are not city girls! yall all bark”. Jt and Yung Miami was clowning before killing their set at Summer Jam!

Both lady’s have been working hard in the studio. Killing their performances and building their brands. The City Girls recently spilled some tea and told fans a City Girl’s album is in the works! The goal is to release it in July.

It’s a great sight to see both lady’s on stage doing what they do best! Yung Miami just aired her new podcast Caresha Please on ReVoltt on Youtube. Her and Diddy aka Mr. Billionaire Dick cleared up dating rumors, marriage, children and how they coped with losing their child’s other parent. You can watch now on ReVoltt Tv.

Im so happy for them! You can see the growth in their lyrics and performance! Y’all made for this, period! Both lady’s have improved since they first started. Killing every show, knowing when to engage with the crowd. Keep working and I’ll see y’all soon! Tell P Im not stoping til we collaborate. lol

Pop y’all shit unapologetically for all the hard times and the haters! ah ah

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