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Young Girl Commits suicide after being bullied!

A young girl committed SUICIDE after being bullied for a health condition she had NO control over. Prayers and sending our deepest condolences to Rio Allred Family, friends, and anyone affected by her passing. Rio Marie Allred, a 12 year old girls life was cut short due to bullying and violence. According to my investigation Rio Allred had a condition called Immune Alopecia. According to Google
Immune Alopecia is defined as:

“Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap.Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles, and may be brought on by severe stress.”

I came across a shared post of a young girl who unfortunately committed suicide March 14, 2022 due to another student pulling off her wig causing others to laugh. From what i saw in the comments this was an ongoing horror for Rio. The school she attended allegedly did nothing to prevent the bullying.

A candle light was held in her Honor with family, friends, class mates and the support of the community. Please parents talk to your children about bulling. Word can hurt and being picked on and physically harmed is something no child should have to endure. Talk to your child about talking and being positive to others. Not attacking them and being mean. Unfortunately for Rio those harmful words cut so deep so took her own life. Prayers to the family of Rio Allred.

Bullying should not be taking lightly. Educate your child on being a bully and being bullied. Teach them to talk to others with respect and the “Golden Rule” Treat Others How you wish to be treated. We never really know what someone is dealing with. Being kinda doesn’t hurt! Use kind words when speaking of your self and others. Words do hurt! In Rio case her Immune Alopecia was out of her control. As a child i couldn’t image how she felt.

Prayers to her Family! Rios unfortunate passing should open the eyes of her class mates on the importance of NOT being a bully. That words can have a negative impact on your mind. Rio already was dealing with a lot with her condition the last thing she needed was other kids being mean.

Prayers to Rio Family. If you wish to read more or give a donation please click the link below.

Go Fund me Account:

Online obituary:

Sending love, prayers and healing in this time of need. Please stop bullying and speak up if you know anyone being affected by bulling.

Pictures from DeAndre Facebook page.

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