You are currently viewing You’re SNAP or EBT food balance maybe increasing soon!

You’re SNAP or EBT food balance maybe increasing soon!

You’re SNAP benefits could be increasing soon if they haven’t already! According to a recent report Ohio is one of the states increasing the monthly balance for those who qualify. Since COVID many families struggle with providing food. Causing many to be hungry and go without!

During September and October SNAP benefits will increase by 15% and here’s why! According to a Alice Grahns at The US Sun….

1. Covid boost worth 15% is ending

Households have seen their food stamps boosted by 15% during Covid, but this support will end on September 30.

The boost provides about $27 extra per person, per month, or more than $100 more per month for a household of four.

2. New permanent hike of 27%

Once the temporary boost ends, the food stamps will get a permanent increase of around 27% from October 1.

It means the average monthly per person benefit will rise from $121 to $157 – a boost of $36.

However, the amount varies between states – you can check how much you’ll get in our guide.

The new support will be available to all households claiming food stamps.

The aid, approved by President Joe Biden, was formally announced by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in mid-August.

To read the full report and see how much more you’ll receive click the link

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